• Privacy Notice 21/05/18

    Privacy Notice Jackson Student Homes 21/05/18

    At Jackson Student Homes, we take your privacy and security very seriously.  We will never pass your details on to a third party for marketing purposes, and only store the minimum amount of sensitive data for practical reasons pertaining to your tenancy with us.  In this Privacy Policy, we’ve provided lots of detailed information on when and why we collect your personal information, how we use it, the limited conditions under which we may disclose it to others, and how we keep it secure.  Please take the time to read this document, and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.  Thank you!
    James Jackson
    When do we collect your information and why?
    The bulk of your information is collected when you sign your contract with us and pay the deposit.  The information we request at this point can be split into 3 groups;
    1. Basic contact information (name, phone number ,non term time address and email)
    It may seem obvious, but it's really important we know how to get in touch with you in order to send you relevant documentation and to discuss matters relating to the tenancy with you.  For this reason please make sure the email address and phone number are correct, and that if you change it you let us know ASAP.  We use your non term time address to send your deposit cheque back to you at the end of the tenancy.  We find this is a safer way to return the deposit to you, as it means we are not storing sensitive bank details.  For some of you this section also includes the guarantors details you have nominated.   
    2. Information relating to your status as students (student I.D. and course title)
    These details are used for two purposes; in case the council require proof of student status in order to grant council tax exemption, and to authenticate your identity and right to rent.
    3. Photo copies of your Photo ID
    Photo I.D. is the best way to confirm you identity and allows us to be compliant with the government right to rent regulations.
    The above data retention is crucial in order to allow us to best carry out our contractual obligations to you, our valued tenants.  We also have an obligation for storing identification data in order to be legally compliant as landlords.
    Who do we share your data with?
    We will never share your data with any third party for marketing purposes, that's a promise!  There are instances where we need to pass on your data to organisations in order to be compliant with government regulations.  There are also instances where we may seek consent to share your details with companies/ individuals.
    We will be sharing your contact details with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in order to correctly protect your deposit.  here's a little about them;
    About TDS Tenancy Deposit Scheme | England and Wales
    and here is  their privacy policy;
    Privacy | Tenancy Deposit Scheme
    We might need to share your contact details and course details (including student I.D.) with the local borough council
    For those living in West Bridgford Its Rushcliffe borough council. Here's a link to their privacy policy
    Privacy Policy - Rushcliffe Borough Council

    For those of you living in Lenton its Nottingham City council. Here's a link to their privacy policy
    Privacy Statement
    We must share your data with the above organisations in order to remain legally complaint. However we may from time to time seek your consent to share your contact details with a private company (for example an engineer from British Gas,) or one of our trusted trades people.  A good example of this is if your boiler has broken down and we've requested an engineer to attend the property to fix it.  I may ask you over the phone if it's ok for me to pass your mobile phone number on to the call handler from British Gas to then pass on to their engineer.  This would be for the express purpose of gaining access to the property to carry out the work on the boiler.  Any information given to them in this instance would be on the understanding that this is the only purpose for  which it can be used.  This is entirely dependent on your consent for your information to be shared, and therefore you must feel free to deny the request if it makes you feel uncomfortable, or to take back consent for your details to be used if you wish to change your mind. Please see British Gas's privacy statement below
    Privacy policy - British Gas

    How do we keep your data safe?
    Firstly we only keep the data we need for the amount of time we need it.  We keep all of your information we gather upon signing the contract for the full length of the tenancy.  The data is stored both digitally and in a hard copy with robust security protocols surrounding both formats, further details of which can be provided on request.  After your tenancy is over we keep copies of the contracts and the inventories for up to 6 years.  This is to protect our legitimate interests in case of any legal proceedings.   
    Your Rights 
     There are a number of rights that you may exercise depending on the legal basis for gathering and storing your personal data.  In most cases, these rights are not absolute and there may be compelling or overriding legal reasons why we cannot meet these rights in full.  This will be explained to you in more detail should you contact us at Jackson Student Homes for any of the reasons detailed below:
    ·         request a copy of the personal information we hold about you;
    ·         to have any inaccuracies corrected;
    ·         to have your personal data erased;
    ·         to place a restriction on our processing of your data;
    ·         to object to processing; and
    ·         to request your data to be ported (data portability).
    Where the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, in most circumstances you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time and we will act on your instructions.
    If you wish to action any of the above, or just have a friendly chat about what this means for you, please feel free to call James directly on 07940092392, call the office on 0115 9234545 or send us an email at:- jacksonstudenthomes@yahoo.co.uk.
    Alternatively, you may wish to complain directly to the Information Commissioners Office.  You can do this by writing to them at:
    Information Commissioners’ Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF
    Telephone: 0303 123 1113.
    Or you can report a concern at the following link: Report a concern