About us


As this is my first blog it seems fitting to start at the beginning and tell you all a little bit about the history of Jackson Student Homes.  We are, and always have been, a family business.  Simon and Trish Jackson started the business back in 1991 with their first property in Lenton.  They used their skills learned renovating houses together to create a high standard of student accommodation fit for any discerning tenant. The business has gone from strength to strength and 16 properties later we're still providing a high standard of student accommodation in Lenton and West Bridgford.  

In a constantly changing market we've had to move with the times and apart from continuing to modernising our houses every year, we are strongly focused on our high level of customer service, something which we are rightly proud of.  As the newest member of the Jackson Student Homes team I am delighted to still be providing the same high quality product my parents started 23 years ago, so thanks to you guys who have made it all possible.     

James Jackson

Property manager at Jackson Student Homes